Are you planning a UK Destination Wedding?   Are you clear about what a UK Destination Wedding is?

In this blog post, I explain what I consider to be a UK Destination wedding, why and how they are becoming more popular and why a specialist destination wedding planner who is used to planning overseas weddings will be best placed to help you plan your UK destination wedding.


What is a UK Destination Wedding?

Historically, when we all lived close to our families and friends, weddings took place locally and it was rare for guests to have to travel in order to attend.  These days, more and more of us move away from our home towns (and countries) and as a consequence it is not unusual to find that large numbers of guests have travelled in order to attend a wedding.

What I am finding is that many couples see this is an opportunity to plan a “UK Destination Wedding”.  If a large number of your guests are travelling anyway, why not choose a beautiful venue in stunning surroundings with accommodation available both on site and locally and invite everyone to join you for the weekend.

This gives you all of the advantages of a destination wedding….  a weekend away with those you are closest to, not just one day,  and the opportunity to get married somewhere  wonderful without  the difficulties and cost of overseas travel.

I have also worked with couples, here in London, who are originally from elsewhere in the world;  when deciding where to get married,  they chose their adopted city, which meant that all of their family and friends from home travelled to join them.  We plan this as a destination wedding, even though the bride and groom do not travel.


What types of venue for a UK Destination Wedding?

The obvious suggestion is a beautiful hotel in the heart of the country where you and all of your guests can stay.  However, this might not give you exclusive use, if you do not take all of the rooms and there are other guests also booked in for your wedding weekend.

My favourite types of venue are countryside properties which can be rented for exclusive weekend hire.   Some of you might be able to stay at the property, but others would need to be accommodated in other local options.   So, if you are going this route,  choose a venue with lots of local accommodation options at different price points to give your guests the flexibility to choose somewhere within their budget.

Two of my favourite such venues are Iscoyd Park in Shropshire and Hengrave Hall.

Hengrave Hall - UK Destination Wedding Venue

Hengrave Hall


What to think about if planning a UK Destination Wedding?

If you treat a UK Destination wedding as if it is an overseas wedding, you can’t go wrong.   Firstly, if guests are joining you for the entire weekend,  you need to think about entertaining them on the days either side of the wedding day.  So, I would suggest you plans some form of welcome event, for example a BBQ or casual dinner the evening before the wedding.  And,  how about a post wedding brunch.

You also need to think about logistics, such as how will your guests travel to the venue, how will they find out where to stay,  who will manage the accommodation bookings.  If guests are staying across several properties, do you need to provide some transport on the wedding day?

What about the little touches that will raise your wedding to a “stand out event”, such as welcome packs in the guest bedrooms, including a welcome note.

Do think about having a wedding website where you can provide all of the details and information that your guests will need to know ahead of your wedding day.

And give them as much notice as possible by sending out Save the Dates, so that they can book time off work if needed and plan the event as part of the annual holiday entitlement.

Why use a Specialist Destination Wedding Planner for your UK Destination Wedding?

If you decide on a UK Destination Wedding, I would strongly recommend that you choose a specialist destination wedding planner,  such as Elegante by Michelle J.   A destination planner will be experienced in planning all of the logistics discussed above and will take in their stride planning multiple events over the course of one weekend.   They will also be well used to providing “guest management services”, which a regular wedding planner might not necessarily offer as part of their service,  but will be essential if you are planning a UK Destination wedding.

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you with your UK Destination wedding,  please contact me on 07734 976459 or  via email at or via the contact page on my website.