Today,  I am talking about wedding planning for hot weather.   If you are getting married this week, you must be absolutely delighted that the weather is so good.  But have you planned your wedding specifically with hot weather in mind?

As someone who specialises in planning luxury weddings for UK couples.  I am therefore very familiar with working in a hot climate.   And I am more than happy to share some of my top tips for hot weather wedding planning here in the UK.

Your Venue

Does your venue have air conditioning?  If not, you might want to consider hiring in portable air conditioning units to ensure a comfortable experience for you and your guests.   Whilst we are all very excited to have so much sunshine and warmth, it  can become uncomfortable in a room full of people if there is no air conditioning or plenty of natural ventilation.  Alternatively, consider electric fans or small portable battery operated handheld fans;  and as an option for your guest favours,  think about personalised hand fans, such as these ones from

   Wedding fans personalised   

Alternatively,  if your wedding reception is taking place in a marquee,  I would suggest you make sure that the sides can all be either removed or rolled up….  if this is not an option ,  your marquee will become like a hothouse,   so even if it means a last minute change to the specification, I would definitely suggest that opening windows or removable panels are a must.  And if you have chosen a completely clear (ie transparent) marquee,  please note that these can become very hot and you should definitely consider adding in some linings for at the very least the roof.

Other items that you might wish to consider supplying could include….  sun tan cream,  insect repellent and bite cream, deodorant and wet wipes… perhaps a small basket filled with items that your guests might appreciate having access to particularly during a hot weather spell.


Outside Drinks Reception

How lovely.. . the good weather means that you can host your drinks reception outdoors in the beautiful gardens at your venue.  But think of this;  the heat could actually be too much for some of your guests and you should consider providing some shade in the form of umbrellas, parasols, gazebos etc.

 Garden drinks reception umbrellasGarden drinks reception

Water and Ice

If you are providing all of the drinks yourselves (rather than the venue supplying),  make sure you provide masses of water.  However much you were planning to provide, triple the quantity.  You need to ensure you have plenty of water available for when your guests arrive and then throughout the day and evening.  Likewise,  you need to increase your order of ice;  ice will melt in the heat at a much more rapid rate than usual,  so you need to order plenty to allow for melting.  And if possible, a second ice delivery part way through the day.



Do not allow your florist to deliver and set up your flowers too early;  as they will not last in the heat.  Your buttonholes and bouquets should be delivered at the last possible moment  –  this can be an issue with your photographer who will want to take photos of these in advance of the ceremony,  but you need to ensure they are not going to wilt in the heat.  Similarly, for the flowers on your tables….  don’t assume they will last as long as usual if it is a very hot day… you want your guests to walk into the room when they are at their very best.

Wedding flowers hot weather


Dress Code

It is the men who suffer most in the heat; dressed in suits, shirts and ties.  Try to get your formal photos done as early as possible and then allow the men to remove their jackets and ties.

 Wedding parasols

Make Up and Hair

If you don’t have a professional make up artist (and/or hairdresser) booked for your wedding day,  now is the time to reconsider.  Professionals will apply make up that will last, whereas if you apply it yourself,  you are likely to find it running down your face in the heat…. Not a great look!!  The same applies in the case of a professional hair stylist.   Even so,  my advice would be to pay them extra to stay on… as you are more likely to need a touch up if the weather is hot and you might regret their early departure when you find that you need a bit of extra touching up either prior to your portraits and formal photos or during the wedding breakfast.

 Wedding planning in hot weather - touching up make up

Staff and Suppliers

Please bear in mind how much more difficult it will be for your suppliers to work in these very hot conditions.   As a wedding planner, I always ensure there is plenty of water available for the “crew”;  I encourage them to take regular breaks and therefore need to allow for more time than usual for setting up.  The heat can massively slow us down,  so be prepared to pay for extra hours for an earlier start.

I hope these tips on wedding planning for hot weather have been helpful.  If you would like further advice or assistance with planning for this week’s weather, you can contact me either by telephone on 07734 976459 or by email at or by completing the form on my contact page

Photography by award winning Italian photographer David Bastianoni 

Wedding planned, designed and co-ordinated by Elegante by Michelle J