How to get the wedding gifts you really want when you get married – and make sure your guests are happy too! Prezola is the UK’s largest independent gift list service. I asked the experts there for their top gift lists tips.


Why should you have a wedding gift list?


Most wedding guests wouldn’t dream of attending a wedding without having bought you a gift, so it’s definitely a good plan to have a gift list. Some couples choose not to have a gift list and it can be a problem for wedding guests. A gift list acts as a guide for guests so they know what wedding present to buy and it removes all the doubting questions such as “What should I buy?” and “How much should I spend?”. If you’ve been a wedding guest before, this probably sounds familiar! It’s a lot better to be open about it and make the first move rather than leaving guests in the dark. And remember, gift lists are an established tradition. Don’t be shy, ask away!

With so many couples already living together before they marry, gifting is much less about “setting up home” and more about guests commemorating your marriage with something you’ll keep forever.

It’s also far more acceptable to ask guests to make a contribution to big ticket items such as the perfect honeymoon or a deposit for your first home. If it helps set you on your way then guests are usually more than happy to help.

Why a gift list is recommended if you are getting married abroad


If you are getting married abroad, a gift list is even more important.  Guests don’t have to worry about bringing a gift to the wedding and you don’t have to worry about bringing gifts home (often at unbudgeted expense) after the wedding.

When using a gift list such as Prezola, delivery is free for you and your guests and you can arrange to have all your gifts delivered to your home after the wedding at a convenient time to you.  If you’re opting for guests to give you cash, a gift list takes away the risk. There are countless stories of money getting lost, stolen or cheques made out to the wrong name – nightmare!

Setting up your gift list


Traditionally your wedding gift list should be included in your invitations when they’re dispatched. So plan ahead, make sure you give yourself enough time to create the gift list, send it out to guests and that they have enough time to buy the gift!


What should I include on my list?


Forget old-fashioned department store lists which can be a bit limited. With a modern gift list like Prezola, you can have all your favourite brands and add furniture, experiences, honeymoon funds and even charity donations. Essentially,  you can combine everything you could ever want on a single easy-to-use online list.

Your gift list is a great time to update outdated furnishings and upgrade to the luxe items that you’ve always wanted – a KitchenAid mixer, up-to-the-minute Dyson or a state of the art Sonos music system are all popular choices.


If there’s really nothing you’d like for the home, add experiences like theatre tickets or a city break for something to look forward to as a married couple. There are also plenty of mini-moon breaks in the UK and abroad with Mr & Mrs Smith for a luxury escape. Don’t forget wine, books, games, subscriptions, vinyl – even gifts for your pets!


Gone are the days where asking for money was taboo. Your guests want to give a gift to celebrate your marriage and if money is what you want, they’ll be more than happy to help. To ask for money discretely, choose specific honeymoon experiences such as ‘romantic 5* dinner’ or ‘scuba diving trip’ so your guests feel they’re contributing something special to your holiday.


Don’t be shy about adding bigger items of furniture like a sofa or dining room table. You can always add group gifting so multiple guests can split the cost of the gifts you really want.

What are your top tips for creating a list?


Think about creating your own heirlooms

After the confetti has settled and the honeymoon tan is fading, your wedding gifts stay with you for the rest of your life. They can become heirlooms, which is really special. Choose wisely and in twenty years, your children might be using them!

Give guests plenty of choice

Some guests like to buy something that will remind the couple of them, try to cater for everyone by including some quirky gifts along with the must-have home pieces.


Cater for all budgets

Each guest has a different budget and it can be daunting when the only gifts left are the expensive ones. Try to add items for all budgets and consider Group Gifting as a flexible option.


Make it personal

Your list should reflect your style and bring a smile to your guests as they think “that is perfect for them”. Don’t feel restricted by tradition and add items that you’ll treasure forever. Add a personal message to thank guests for looking at the list and they can add a special message to your gift too.


Upgrade to Platinum


For a very select group of discerning clients, Prezola has a Platinum service which offers couples an exclusive service available by invitation only.  I am delighted to be working with Prezola as a carefully selected ambassador and I am able to introduce you to this service.  When you apply for Platinum by Prezola through me, you will be introduced to a personal gift list curator who will look after your throughout your gift list journey. If you see anything you’d like to add to your list, from any store in the world, your Platinum gift list curator will source the items for you. An introduction from me also waives the usual £250 fee. Please ask me for a brochure pack.

Special thanks to Prezola for guest writing this post for Elegante by Michelle J.