Are you considering a destination wedding in Italy but are struggling to decide what type of Italian Wedding Venue would work best for you and your guests?   Have you been researching online,  but are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of differing options.   Italian wedding venues are typically very different to the options we have available here in the UK, so in this blog post,  I will be outlining to you the different types of wedding venue available to you in Italy and the relative benefits (and disadvantages ) of each style of venue.In order to come to a decision on style of Italian wedding venue, I would suggest that there are certain questions that you need to ask yourselves?

Q1:  Would you like all of your guests to stay with you at your venue, or would you like the wedding to take place elsewhere?

If you wish to all stay together, you lose the advantage of the “big reveal” on your wedding day…..  if the guests are staying there,  they already know the place inside out and will probably have worked out where you will be staging your ceremony, your drinks reception, your wedding meal and your party.

However, by all staying together in one place, you don’t have to provide transport to move people to your venue and if you are all together for a day or so before your big day, all of your guests will have “connected” in such a way that by the start of the wedding day the vibe will be absolutely amazing.  That’s not to say that this can’t happen if your guests are all staying elsewhere,  but undoubtedly to have everyone in one place throughout will heighten the atmosphere.

Borgo wedding venue

A Borgo

Q2. Would you like a hotel style venue where everything is provided in-house or do you like the idea of a “dry hire” venue such as a historic Castello or Renaissance villa, where you are required to bring in everything on the day?

A hotel venue will definitely be easier in terms of the planning process, as food, drink, furniture, staff etc are all provided in-house.  But there will be less flexibility to choose and design all of the individual elements of your day.

Hotel wedding venue

Luxury Hotel

Q3.  Is there a particular style of Italian wedding venue that appeals to you?   There are so many examples of historic architecture available to hire for weddings in Italy and you need to think about the type and style that most appeals to you the most.   So,   for example, is it a medieval castle, or a Renaissance style villa, a Medici villa, a wine estate, a countryside medieval village,  a beach club,  a Masseria, a Tenuta, a Borgo  ….  ? I could write an entire blog post just describing the different styles of Italian wedding venue,  so if you would like to learn more about what all of these words mean, then do get in touch.

Castello wedding venue


Italian Wedding Venue - Masseria



Q4. Do you want a very lush, opulent style of venue or something more rustic?  Ultimately, the answer to this question simply boils down to your own personal taste… there are no pros and cons,  just make sure that you choose a style of Italian Wedding  Venue that most closely reflects you and your fiancé.

Wine estate

Wine estate

Rustic wedding

Rustic wedding

Q5.  What type of surroundings would you like to have around you?  Would you prefer to be in the heart of the countryside with stunning views surrounding you,  or within the walls of a historic Italian town or city,  surrounded by buildings and people.

Italian wedding venue in Florence

Roof top city venue

Q5.  And finally some more practical questions that you will also need to think about?

  • Do you require easy access from an airport, or is a drive to the venue acceptable to you?
  • Do you want to be on the coast or inland?
  • Are you happy to consider any region of Italy or do you have a preference as to where your Italian wedding venue should be located?
  • Are you planning a religious, civil or symbolic wedding ceremony
  • Budget
  • Guest numbers
  • Date

If having read this, you would like to explore the possibility of using a London based planner for your luxury Italian wedding, please contact Michelle of Elegante by Michelle J to arrange an initial consultation or inspiration session.

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