In this feature, I am discussing and advising brides all about wedding shoes with top tips for choosing your wedding footwear.  This feature is also relevant for ladies who are hosting a party or other special celebration.

Most brides will devote huge amounts of time and consideration to their wedding dress;  and rightly so.   There is masses of choice out there,  a bride has (usually) never bought a wedding dress before,  it is undoubtedly the most important – and expensive – dress she will ever buy and she will be the centre of attention on her wedding day,  and want to look knock out gorgeous.

When it comes to wedding shoes, however, this will often get left until much closer to the weddings;  usually just before the bride is going in to the bridal boutique for her wedding dress fitting.  All too often the bride can find that she has not left herself sufficient time for researching, shopping around and trying on.

So, my first tip to brides is do not leave it until the last moment to start looking for your wedding shoes.  Once you have chosen and ordered your dress, start looking for your shoes, and indeed all of your accessories.   This will give you plenty of time to research, shop around and generally find something that you love and, just as important, are comfortable.

Wedding shoes by Jimmy Choo

Wedding shoes by Jimmy Choo, photography by David Bastianoni


Tip 2:  Don’t forget about comfort.  You are going to be on your feet most of the day, and it will be a long day.  Believe me, if your shoes are uncomfortable it might well show in your photographs as you certainly won’t be feeling relaxed and engaged with the moment.  Instead you will be concentrating on the pain in your feet.  Wearing uncomfortable shoes might spoil your enjoyment of the day;   I have known brides who have been in such discomfort that they have just wanted the day to be over.   What a tragedy that would be on the most important day of your life, one that you have spent a great deal of time planning,  a huge sum of money on, and one of those rare occasions where you get to be with all of your friends and family.

Tip 3:  With comfort in mind, make sure you wear your shoes around the house to wear them in.  The most well fitted and comfortable of shoes can cause pain the first time they are worn, simply because they need wearing in.  So don’t forget to do this.

Tip 4:  Think about the heel height;   the last thing you want to find yourself doing is “tottering” down the aisle.  You want to walk down the aisle gracefully and easily so if you are not used to wearing high heels, don’t choose your wedding day as the first time that you do so.   You also need to think about the heel height in relation to your groom and how the photographs will look if you are towering over him,  simply because you chose to wear exceedingly high heels on your wedding day.

Tip 5:  Your shoes should be beautiful.  Whilst they will to some extent be hidden under your dress,   they will feature in photographs and will be seen from time to time as your dress moves around.  So make sure that you choose a pair that looks attractive.  Equally they need to work with your dress so think carefully about the style, design and colour.

Tip 6:  Do make sure that your bridal shoes work with your wedding dress.  You might think this is a given,  but I don’t just mean in terms of design and colour,   but also in terms of any features or details that might “interact” with the dress.  You certainly don’t want your dress to be catching on, for example, a sequined feature on the shoes, which whilst gorgeous to look at, might end up pulling a hole, for example, in your dress.   Similarly, if there is a buckle or fastening,  do ensure this is not likely to get caught up in your dress.


Wedding shoes by Jimmy Choo

Wedding shoes by Jimmy Choo, photography by David Bastianoni


Tip 7:  How are you going to put your shoes on?  Do you need someone to help you?   Do you need a shoe horn?  Or does someone need to help with a buckle or other fastening?  If so,  pre-arrange this with one of your bridesmaids so that she knows this is one of her jobs on the wedding day.


Bridesmaids – photography by David Bastianoni


Tip 8: Now that your bridal shoes are sorted,  think about what your bridesmaids are going to wear?   Don’t just leave it to them as you might end up with a completely mismatched assortment,  that will not look good in your photographs and might not co-ordinate effectively with your shoes.  This is even more important, if your bridesmaids are wearing short dresses.  You should also not neglect your groom;  his footwear is also important, so make sure he gives it due consideration,  both his shoes and those of his best man and groomsman.

Groom's footwear

Groom’s footwear – photography by David Bastianoni



Tip 9:  Despite all of the above tips,  do think about taking along a second pair of shoes,  perhaps an old, comfortable pair…  just in case the worst happens, and despite taking all of the above precautions you find that your wedding shoes are uncomfortable.

Tip 10:  Not strictly related to your wedding shoes, but think about the comfort of your female guests also and perhaps provide flip flops for them to change into,  if their feet are hurting.   It will keep your guests on the dance floor for much longer if their feet are comfortable and whenever I have persuaded my brides to do this at their weddings, they have always been gratefully appreciated.  It’s a thoughtful touch that adds to your guests’ experience on your wedding day.


Wedding day flip flops

A little treat for your dancing feet


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