Today’s guest post comes from All Seated, a collaborative network for planning events that offers users the ability to design  2D/3D floorplans to-scale, take virtual walkthroughs, manage guest lists, seating, timelines, and more.  I asked them to write this post, to explain to my audience exactly how digital planning tools can help with your wedding planning.  Read on to hear it from the experts: 


Wedding couples today are using technology more than ever before to plan their weddings. Working digitally allows couples to plan collaboratively with their vendors and event planners, while also involving their wedding parties and families throughout the process. The use of digital planning tools allows couples to easily track every detail from beginning to end, saving time and removing the stress from the process.

Digital planning tools for wedding planning

If you haven’t started to use digital planning tools just yet, are the top reasons why you should for your wedding planning process.

Using Digital Planning Tools for Guest List Management

The first step in every planning process should be establishing your guest list. You can’t move forward in your planning and effectively search for a wedding venue, or create a seating chart, until you know how many guests you will need to accommodate. Event planning platforms make it easy to create, store, and manage your wedding guest list. It’s simple to enter guest names and mailing addresses, which can be stored alphabetically or filtered into categories for even easier organisation.


Manage guests lists for all of your wedding-related events could include:


  • Engagement party
  • Bridal or Couples’ shower
  • Hen or Stag parties
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Wedding Ceremony and Reception
  • Post-wedding brunch


Within the guest list, easily keep track of several details such as:

  • Guest information
  • Meal type requests
  • RSVP’s
  • Notes (e.g. special dietary requirements, or any other details)

The guest list also comes in handy when it’s time to create the seating chart too! With digital planning tools, it’s simple and efficient to design floorplan and seating chart, and then seat guests directly from the guest list into the layout.

Digital planning tools for wedding planning


Improve accuracy with floorplans to-scale

Using digital planning tools allow you to remove all of the uncertainty that often surrounds designing floorplans. Some planning features and digital tools make it really easy and efficient to place tables and other furniture directly in the floorplan. What’s even more efficient, is when creating your floorplan, some tools will offer floorplans that are in fact designed to-scale including the tables and items in the object libraries, scaled to its exact listed dimension. This will take all away all of the guesswork around whether everything will actually fit in your space on the day of your wedding, and you’ll be able to visualise your event down to a tee, even before it happens.


When using an event planning platform, you can detail the floorplan to include many features such as:

  • Select specific tables, chairs, objects, and furniture
  • Customise the spacing between tables
  • Join tables and/or knock off chairs
  • Include spacing for dance floors and entertainment
  • Mark exits for the room
  • List planning notes and details directly on floorplan
  • Design in 2D and then view in 3D to take a virtual walkthrough of the layout you cre The 3D viewing options allow you to choose Bird’s Eye viewing to see your floorplan from an above view. Alternatively, you may also walk through the 3D layout in 1st Person View as if you were literally walking through the floorplan.

Digital planning tools for wedding planning


Enhanced visualisation with digital planning tools 

3D viewing and virtual reality capabilities can provide enhanced visualisation of the floorplan and wedding seating arrangements, like never before possible. In addition to utilising 2D and 3D floorplan viewing options while creating the floorplan and table seating chart, virtual reality allows you to immerse yourself in the floorplan and tour your future event layout. Virtual tours using special Virtual Reality goggles allow wedding couples to preview their tables and furniture, and even view a custom set-up in virtual reality to achieve photorealistic immersion into the venue, months before their event takes place.

Villa Oliva Lucca


Jewish wedding at Villa Oliva Lucca




Generate useful reports from digital planning tools 

Keep track of details by generating multiple reports for your wedding, at your fingertips. For example, a floorplan report can detail your specific layout along with complete listing of inventory, table breakdown and wedding seating information. A guest report can also be generated to include meal type information, table numbers and other notes that may be relevant from the wedding table seating chart for the venue. A guest list report can be generated to meet the needs for invitations, place cards or even for personalised favours.


Collaboration via digital planning tools 

If you need assistance from friends or family when creating your wedding seating chart, the use of a digital event planning platform allows for incredible collaboration. Invite them into the event so that you can collaborate on the details in order to get your wedding table seating chart perfect. In addition, you can invite your vendors into the event for collaboration and added support. Perhaps your wedding venue contact has a great idea for the seating chart or floorplan layout. Work with vendors and allow them to easily show you floorplan layout options that will work well for your wedding event space, leaving you with great ideas for your floorplan and ultimately, your wedding seating chart. You may also want to collaborate with the rest of your vendor team on the floorplan and even the timeline, as this will allow vendors to understand set up, list their own details and needs, and keep everyone operating on the same page.

Digital planning tools for wedding planning


Intuitively Easy

Using an event planning platform is easier than you may think. With intuitive tools that are easy to understand and implement, planning is now not only organised, but easy to do all in one designated place. Not to mention, you can then access your details from anywhere, across multiple devices.


Time Efficient

Let’s face it. The behaviours and habits of people getting married could rack up time during the planning process beyond what should be required. The use of digital planning tools can save wedding couples a considerable amount of time throughout the organisational process. With all data stored in one place and easily accessible, tasks such as guest list management, floorplan design, wedding seating chart creation, and timeline tasks are efficiently and effectively addressed and handled, for a seamless experience.

About All Seated

Allseated is the world’s most innovative floorplanning platform,  transforming the event industry with powerful intuitive visualisation tools that allow clients to see and experience events before they happen. What previously existed only in an event professional’s imagination can now be visualised thanks to our unique array of tools providing for seamless collaboration and ultimate organisation. With more than 100,000 to–scale floorplans and the resources to manage guest lists, arrange seating charts, design layouts in 2D and 3D, create virtual walkthroughs, timelines,designer tools, mobile check-in, and a dedicated customer loyalty team that’s available 24/7, we’re bringing technological innovation to event planning with a focus on helping our clients grow their businesses. That’s the power of imagining together.


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