Congratulations if you have become recently engaged and are now starting out on your wedding planning journey.  Have you considered hiring an international wedding planner to help you with this process?  In this blog post, I will outline for you 10 reasons why an international wedding planner will help to make your wedding the best it can possibly be.

An International Wedding Planner has the Wedding Planning Expertise

An international wedding planner has the skills and experience to help you create, plan and deliver an amazing wedding.   With the greatest respect… you don’t!  I ask you to imagine if you were to give the most important project a business has ever been commissioned to do… to the newbie office junior.   Obviously, nobody would do this… it would be handed over to the professionals.   And that’s the equivalent, in my opinion, of someone planning their own wedding.  Of course, you will do it and you will have a lovely day…. But will it be the best that it can possibly be?

osea island wedding planner - how to make your wedding the best it can be

An International Wedding Planner will make your journey enjoyable and stress-free

Which brings me to my next point.   In my opinion, your wedding should be about the entire wedding planning journey, not just the day itself. An international wedding planner will make the entire journey stress free and enjoyable for you as a couple and your families.

osea island wedding planner - stress free wedding planning


Do you actually have the time to plan a wedding?  If you are working full time I think that it’s highly unlikely.  To plan a wedding (with all of the details involved) required hundreds of hours of work.   Can you find these additional hours in your busy schedule?  An international wedding planner will, of course, handle most of the process for you,  leaving you to find far fewer hours to focus on the things that only you can do (like choose your dress, design on your seating arrangements etc)


Creative Flair

A key part of the wedding planner’s role is to design your day, adding in the “wow” factor.   He or she will talk with you about your vision and then put together a mood board and design scheme.  If you would like to see some of the beautifully curated and designed weddings that I have had the privilege of planning over the last few years,  please head over to the portfolio section of my website.  You can access it here.

Villa Oliva Lucca - wedding design and styling

Meticulous Attention to Detail

A good international wedding planner is all about the details, ensuring that absolutely nothing is neglected or overlooked.

Access to your International Wedding Planner’s “Little Black Book”

Wedding planners have established relationships with suppliers as well as constantly being on the look-out for new and innovative ideas and services.    A wedding planner also ensures that she or he builds a strong and cohesive team for your wedding day, with everyone working collaboratively to make your wedding the best it can possibly be.

International wedding planner - osea island uk destination wedding

An international wedding planner will optimise your budget

Whilst there is obviously a fee involved in hiring a wedding planner, he or she will often earn that money back many times over by optimising your budget, ensuring you get the best possible outcome for your spend by obtaining the best prices from suppliers, and not wasting money or making expensive mistakes.

Your Wedding, your Way

An international wedding planner will ensure that you do not get led down the path of a “cookie-cutter” wedding, the same as every other one that has gone before you.  She or he will listen to your vision for your day and make sure that she delivers your dream wedding without compromise.

Jewish wedding planner - Jewish wedding traditions - Israeli dancing on chairs

On the Day Co-Ordination

Your international wedding planner (and her team) are there throughout your day, from beginning to end, to ensure that absolutely everything that you have discussed and agreed is delivered, without exception…. No omissions, no oversights …. Everything exactly as intended.

International wedding planner - on the day wedding coordinator

A Stand-Out Event

Finally, and to conclude, an international wedding planner will deliver for you a stand-out event that you and your guests will be talking about for years to come.  How many weddings can you actually say that about?

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If you would like to find out more about how a wedding planner will help to make your wedding the best it can possibly be, please get in touch.  You can contact me by email, by phone on + 44 203 8959 4789  or by heading over to the contact page on my website.

All of the weddings featured in this blog post were planned, designed and co-ordinated by Elegante by Michelle J


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